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"To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others."

Anthony Robbins




  • Strategic Communications: devising, and executing long-term brand strategies

  • Workshops & Trainings: upskilling for travel teams, and science communicators

  • Communication Creatives: creating collateral that is visually appealing with condensed information

  • Brand Communications: regular campaigns via your website, social media channels, blogs, or newsletters


To me, landscapes are about memories — those captured in or imprinted upon rocks, the genetic legacy of biodiversity, and the echoes of human history. The Geosophy newsletters/blogs hope to be able to capture and convey this 'persistence of memory' in landscapes.

Ironically, science has ventured down the same path as that religion took years ago: communication happens in a language that is so opaque, that only a few can understand it. Here are some articles, across disciplines, that attempt to bridge the gap between science & society.

The art of writing travelogues is to describe just enough as to inspire others to travel, yet leave enough unsaid, for others to experience it for themselves. Here are some of my travelogues that attempt to walk that fine line between inspiration and intrigue, dream and destination.

In this age of digital channels, written content isn't always the most effective at communicating dense, technical messages. Here are some experiments: a map story, a photo essay, an animated presentation, a picture book, that redefine how content can be shared.


Through diverse roles in research and travel, communication has been my mainstay - both written, and verbal. Communication is so much more than content. Taking into consideration finer details: audience, publishing platform, frequency, and format, is the key to effective communication.

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