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The Tale of the Tungabhadra

Written as a blog for Evolve Back Resort
March 2022

The Tungabhadra river flowing past Hampi, Karnataka, whispers stories of geological timescales and those from the collective consciousness. Read about the mythology and geology of the mighty Tungabhadra.


Hampi: a geological note

Written as a blog for Evolve Back Resort
February 2022

Travelling to Hampi for the first time, one cannot help but remark upon the incredible boulder-strewn landscape - here's the fascinating geological history of these formations.


Mardihalli Pillow Lavas: 2.5 billion years and counting!

Medium Blog
April 2020

On the route between Bangalore and Hubli, a 2.5 billion year old geological feature bears witness to a watery, submarine past. Read on about Mardihalli's legacy in stone.


Trailing Wines: from Nashik to France

National Geographic Traveller India
December 2017

Ever wondered how India's new wine culture compares to France's medieval legacy? During wine trails through Nashik Valley in India, and Bordeaux region in France, I set off in quest of a personal wine vocabulary - here's an account of my journey.


Of Reigns, Religions & Ruins: Badami, Aihole, Pattadakal

Travel Scope Blog
January 2018

This is a travelogue of a drive through Badami, Aihole, and Pattadakal, with a scholar of art and architecture - my mother. Known for its ruins of the Chalukya dynasty that ruled parts of south India from the 6th – 12th CE, this visit offered a glimpse into the past, and how it influenced the architecture of the Indian subcontinent.

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7 Clichés and Clinkers of Travel Writing

LinkedIn Blog
October 2016

A quirky, tongue-in-cheek look at the travel writing industry's best loved, much abused cliches & clinkers!


Down Sacred, Secular Street: Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi

Travel Scope Blog
October 2015

India's cultural landmarks are testimony to its secular, sacred traditions, if only we could decipher the clues. Peel back the layers of history, and religions on a walk down Delhi's iconic Chandni Chowk street.

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