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Geopark Rumble!

International Geodiversity Day | 06 October, 2023

Did you know that while India boasts 42 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, none of our incredible geodiversity has been recognised as a UNESCO Global Geopark? A geopark is a single, unified geographical site or landscape of international geological significance, managed under the holistic concept of protection, education and sustainable development.

Efforts are underway to declare certain landscapes as geoparks, notably, the Dinosaur Fossil National Park in Bagh, Madhya Pradesh, and the Geological Survey of India has listed several geoheritage sites of national importance. Yet we have a long way to go in identifying, appreciating, and conserving landscapes before we think of creating public-facing sites for scientific education.

We need to start thinking beyond a single monument or artefact (too many of our fossils and minerals languish in museums, academic cupboards and storerooms), and consider entire landscapes — what are some of the stories about the formation of the Earth that we can study? How were landscapes shaped by the forces of Nature, and how did they, in turn, influence biodiversity over aeons? And lastly, how have landscapes defined the stories of human evolution, migration, and cultures?


Prepare for the EPIC GEOSITE RUMBLE! Instead of delving into each landscape (where's the excitement in a battle if you're not familiar with the contenders?), here's a list of captivating geosites. Run through the list below, and respond to the poll.

This is a challenge for you, dear reader – you can only select ONE geosite to be crowned the ultimate geopark contender. Choose wisely!

Ready to rumble? (Please click on the see all results to expand the poll)

Which geoheritage site would you want as a UNESCO Geopark?

  • 0%Sundarban Mangroves, West Bengal

  • 0%Great Rann of Kachchh, Gujarat

  • 0%Lonar Meteor Crater, Maharashtra

  • 0%Gandikota Canyon, Andhra Pradesh

The results will be announced soon! Disclaimer:

The #GeoparkRumble poll is purely for entertainment and engagement purposes. The outcome of this poll will not impact any policy decisions or real-world actions. It is designed solely to add a fun and interactive element to my geosites showcase. The results are non-binding and intended to foster a sense of community and shared enthusiasm for geodiversity.

Enjoy the poll, but please remember that it is not connected to any official decision-making process. Thank you for participating!


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