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A newsletter run as a passion project by Devayani Khare, featuring geoscience content from across the world, with a focus on India.


Suvrat Kher

Subscribe quick! The Geosophy Newsletter, beautifully composed by

@Geo_Sophist, brings together geology, landscapes, and their intersection with society. It's a delight to read.

T.R Shankar Raman (@mizoraman)

A lovely sign up/read if you are interested in geography, geology, and landscapes -- and how they interface with our culture and lives. Thanks

@Geo_Sophist for this!

Pranesh Prakash

[The] Geosophy newsletter is a cornucopia of interesting facts & stories about India, the earth, history, myths, and everything in between. And almost everything in it is stuff I either didn't know or hadn't pondered deeply enough about. So glad I've subscribed.

Mridula Paul

What a delight to read this is. I've always followed geology podcasts and was searching for one by Indian scientists. So excited this newsletter exists!



If this newsletter has cheered you up in any way, or if you've learned something new - please consider supporting my efforts? Your contribution would ensure the newsletter always stays free, and perhaps, allows me to travel a little in search of interesting geosites! Thank you!

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